Nowadays, if you are struggling on something in life, you can always go to a counselor. And if you have an internet connection, it is possible to simply use an online counseling service. It allows you to talk to a counselor without leaving your office or home. You can set an appointment at your convenience and still get a qualified counselor to help solve your issues. There are thousands of counselors offering their services online. And here are the types of online counseling available. 

1.            Career counseling - This is for those who are trying to figure out which career to pursue. Those who are going to college or just graduated from the university can seek help to determine their career choices. It could be to see if they are fit for the career of their choice or they have the passion for it. If not, it is also a great way to see which career options are more likely suitable to the client. 

2.            Marriage and relationship counseling - A married life is full of challenges. Marriage counseling can help assess the marriage situation of the client. It will enhance the approach as well as the perception of the client on how to make the marriage work. It could be a couple session or simply one person. Although marriage is form of relationship, it is so big that it becomes a type of counseling service. As for other relationships, there are friends, work relationship, and lovers. 

3.            Family counseling - For family counseling, it involves all kinds of struggles related to the family. It might be relationship between family members, taking care of the children or treating parents and grandparents who are closely connected to the family. 

4.            Financial counseling - This counseling covers all financial related issues and concerns. It could be an investment, loan, financial management, bankruptcy possibility, as well as spending issues. 

5.            Addiction counseling - All kinds of addiction from the traditional drugs, alcohol, smoking and gambling to the latest game and internet addiction are covered in addiction counseling. However, it is not common for one counselor to be an expert for all of these addiction types. 

6.            Legal counseling - People who are facing with lawsuits or legal issues can ask for a legal counseling service. This is mostly handled by lawyers who are offering legal services. 

7.            Medical counseling - Health issues as well as different medical procedures that a person is concerned about can get a medical counseling. This is usually handled by a medical practitioner usually a doctor or surgeon. 


These are just the common types of online counseling available today.