Online counseling is a method of providing counseling services by offering anonymity as well as affordable counseling while providing services in your geographical location. Some people find it hard to meet counselors either in a group or individually. For instance, it would be embarrassing to be seen parking outsides a counselor's office in a small town. As such, online counseling offers a better option for undergoing counseling. 

There are a lot of websites that are providing online counseling. Online counseling is a very affordable form of counseling for those who would be worried about the cost of counseling. Online counseling can help you connect with a qualified psychologist who can assess your situation and offer solutions to some of the problems that you might be facing. The setting of online counseling allows you to relax completely and therefore online counselling in dubai can be more successful than face to face counseling at times. 

The counselor will conduct a complete assessment of the counselee at the beginning of the counseling session. The assessment may be done using different methods. For instance, the counselor may ask you to complete a questionnaire and then participate in a chatting session for to complete the intake. Most online counseling is conducted using webcams today. Webcams allow for face to face interactions which offer a good chance of establishing a bond between the counselor and the counselee. 

One of the most effective online counselor methods is cognitive behavior therapy. Cognitive behavior therapy involves enforcing positive changes in one's behavior by modifying one's beliefs and thinking patterns. Online counseling in cognitive behaviors allows one to identify the trigger to your behavior in addition to learning how to modify your reactions and eventually, helping you in making decisions that will allow you to optimize your adjustments to life circumstances. The new behaviors are then incorporated in place of the old ones. 

Online counseling can also be very beneficial when it comes to stress therapy. Stress affects virtually everybody, and it can be overwhelming at times. It is impossible to avoid stress, but you can learn to manage it. Stress has negative physical and emotional effects, and as such if you are unable to deal with it on your own, you should seek to counsel. 


Cognitive and stress therapy can be conducted online comfortably. The process is even encouraging since the results are excellent. The recent growth of online counseling has seen many people benefit from professional counseling psychologist hence enabling them to deal with various personal and emotional issues.